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Pay It Forward

When Alan & Steve first started Open Your Mind Radio, we never imagined that we would get the support that we did from our listeners. Not only support for the shows that we did, but also the donations that we received to help us to develop the radio show with up to date technology.  As part of the “Pay It Forward” culture, we in turn wanted to pay it on, so once the costs where covered for the radio show, we allocated any extra donations to worthy causes like:-

• Homeless charities
• Food Purchases
• Sleeping Bags
• Emergency Accommodation Funds For Evictions
• Clothes For The Homeless

We also supported other groups like:-

• The Hub - Dublin
• The Hub – Mullingar
• Integrity Ireland
• Anti-Corruption Taskforce
• Child Protection Awareness

Circle Of White Light Radio has also carried on this “Pay It Forward” process and have now setup a facility where people can donate €1 Euro a month which will go towards assisting individuals, Groups and Clubs who may be struggling financially and may need a helping hand to cover an outstanding bill or require funding to help others.

This solution is very simple and gives the power back to the people to help each other without the need for any interaction with the Government. Imagine if 100,000 people donated €1 Euro a month? How many people would that be able to help on a monthly basis.

“Pay It Forward” is all about need not greed, so administration costs will be kept to a minimum so the maximum amount of donations can be allocated to helping people rather than paying for overpaid CEO’s and staff which most people have read about regarding a number of well-known charities that have been in the media.

Since December 2019, we have donated over €5630 Euros to worthwhile causes.  Thank you for all your support and donations.

If you would like to help by donating €1 Euro a month and support the Circle Of White Light Radio "Pay It Forward" appeal, please click on the following link: Pay It Forward Donation

Here are some of the projects and people, that COWLR and TPC have helped and donated towards.

Donations Allocated

October 2020 - Sleeping bags for the homeless

Circle Of White Light Radio ran a fund raiser for the charity "Feed The People", who are doing fantastic voluntary work with the homeless in Dublin. Every year, a festival called the "Electric Picnic" takes place and after the festival, the people donate their sleeping bags to the charity. Unfortunately due to covid restrictions, this event did not take place this year which means there will be no donations of sleeping bags to the charity. So to help out the good people at "Feed The Homeless", we ran a fund raiser to raise €2400 Euros to purchase 200 sleeping bags @12 Euros each. UPDATE 11/10/2020: We have now reached our target, so a big THANK YOU for everyone that has donated to help the homeless! Read More

September 2020 - Clonmellon Tidy Towns - Hose Reel

Clonmellon village have a tidy towns group who is made up of volunteers from the village. They are doing some great work and the village is looking really well. As usual, funding and donations are always required and one of the things that they needed badly was a hose reel so they could water the flowers and use it to wash down tools and general cleaning. Thanks to everyone who donations to "Pay It Forward", we bought a hose reel that can be mounted on a wall for €60 Euros. Here is John Wilson accepting the hose reel from Circle Of White Light Radio. Read More

August 2020 - Donation Towards Food/Bills etc

I was speaking to a lady today who is currently struggling due to a number of bills that have all appeared at the same time. She needed help with these bills, so thanks to your donations, I allocated some funds to the lady to purchase food and to pay a couple of bills or whatever she deemed important to her. She is a lady that does a lot of work for people (more than people know) but does not ask for anything in return. Sometimes we do not realise how hard it can be for some people in these times and although making a donation of a fridge, cooker etc would be nice, sometimes cash is better as this can be used for immediate needs. Read More

July 2020 - Vape Kits

I had Harry Rhodes and Liam from THI Scotland on the show last Sunday (the 5th of July) and I offered to give 5 free vape kits to Circle Of White Light listeners who have asthma or suffer from respiratory issues. Harry has kindly also sponsored a couple of the kits so I am in the process of sorting this out with Harry. Once I have received the vape kits, they will be distributed to the people who where the first to contact the show and asked to be included in the free trial. I'm sorry if you have not been selected for the free trial. If you would like to purchase a vape kit, you can get them from Harry's website, . For the record, myself and Liam have both used the vape kits and have found them very helpful clearing a persistent cough and childhood wheezing. Please listen to the show to hear us talk about our experiences. Alan, Harry Rhodes and Liam (THI Scotland) - Vape Kits - Radio Show I will keep everyone posted about the vape kit and ask each person to provide me with feedback. For GDPR reasons, I cannot include names. UPDATE: 24/07/2020 I recieved the vape kits from Harry so I'm now in the process of distributing the 5 kits to the selected individuals. Everyone has been asked to provide feeback good and bad so we can get some honest views on the kits. UPDATE: 17/08/2020 Liam from THI Scotland has sent me over another 4 Vape Kits, so once I sort out the back log, whatever is left will be mentioned on the show to be allocated. Vape Kit 1 - Volunteer Feedback A run down of the.week. Sunday 26th July. First day in years without a rattly cough. Monday A little bit of a cough but not wheezey one. Tuesday Coughing alot but this was dew to Anxiety which I suffer from but again no wheezing. Wednesday Still very Anxious but very little coughing. A slight burning in my chest. Thursday No cough until after the vape process this is down to me never been a smoker. Coughing up a lot of flem. Friday Same as Thursday plenty of flem burning chest diminishing. Saturday Small cough with plenty of flem no burning in the chest. I'd say the cough as gone by 90% in only a week. Thanks for the trial I'd say success. Cheers Vape Kit 2 - Volunteer Feedback After I received vape I used it immediately. My 20+ YEAR Persistent cough vanished.. I had my reservations about using the vape as I had been told negative stories about the consequences of vaping oil into the lungs. However I did my research and I made my own decision to proceed. I did 5 days of treatment at first but now if I feel I need it I will vape. I'm looking forward to using it in the winter when my Asthma is usually bad. I would recommend using the vape but I would also tell people to do their research. Many thanks Read More

July 2020 - Donation Towards Food/Bills etc.

I paid a visit today to a lady who is currently rebuilding her life by moving back into her property that was originally taken over by the banks. Friends are helping this lady out with supplies for decorating etc, but with no power (waiting on an electrician to certify the electrics) and no running water (the water pump is not working), she is finding it difficult, but coping well. I noticed that there was a lack food in the house as the it was originally stripped bare. This will be sorted in time but for now, she needed some food, so thanks to your donations, I allocated some funds to the lady to purchase food or whatever she deemed important to her. Sometimes we do not realise how hard it can be for some people in these times and although making a donation of a fridge, cooker etc would be nice, sometimes cash is better as this can be used for immediate needs. Read More

June 2020 - Feed The People Homeless Charity - Water

We are currently working with Tom Duffy from the homeless charity, Feed The People regarding the need for bottled water for the homeless. Over the last few days the weather has been very hot and Tom was telling Circl eOf White Light Radio that there is a lack of water available to the homeless in Dublin and a large number of the homeless were looking for bottles of water as they felt dehydrated. We are currently looking to purchase a pallet of water for the charity and Tom is also going to contact the water bottle companies to see if they can donate some of your product to the charity. We are currently waiting on pricing for the pallet of water. UPDATE 06/06/2020 We are waiting on Tom Duffy from the charity, Feed The People, to get back to us regarding the cost of the pallet so we can purchase one. UPDATE 15/06/2020 Glenda, one of the "Feed The People" team members, has managed to do a deal with Aldi for 1,348 bottles of water (224 packs of 6) for a total cost of €200 Euros. Well done Glenda! Circle Of White Light has arrange to send Glenda the donation to purchase the water. Photo to follow! UPDATE 20/06/2020 The water has landed! or watergate as Glenda called it. Well done to the team at "Feed The People" who did a great deal with Aldi for the water bottles. Read More

June 2020 - College Books

The three areas that we aim to donation to are people, local clubs and community groups. Based on this, we found out that an individual, who was in college, was not in a financial position to afford the books she needed to carry on her studying. Imagine you have invested a number of years into studying only to get to the stage that you cannot continue, due to a lack of funds to purchase the books required for you to complete the course. Thanks again to the donations received, Circle Of White Light Radio were able to send over a donation to cover the cost of 3 books urgently needed for the student to carry on her course work. Read More

June 2020 - Clonmellon Tidy Towns

Now that the "scamdemic" is near enough finished, we can get back on track and start supporting people, local clubs and community groups. The virus slowed us down but we will pick up where we left off and continue to "Pay It Forward". Clonmellon village have a tidy towns group who is made up of volunteers from the village. They are doing some great work and the village is looking really well. As usual, funding and donations are always required so Circle Of White Light Radio would like to make a donation to the Tidy Towns Group which will go towards equipment and miscellaneous accessories. Here is John Wilson accepting the cheque from Circle Of White Light Radio. My co-host on OYM Radio, Steven George, interviewed John Wilson and John Anderson from the Clonmellon Tidy Towns group last year and spoke about the positive impact it is having on our village. They spoke about the work that has been done and the plans for the future including the Community garden as well as up and coming fund raising events. (Apologies for poor sound quality during parts of this interview) Here is a link to the podcast:- Tidy Town Interview.mp3 - Clonmellon Community Radio Read More

March 2020 - The Men's Shed, Clonmellon

The Men’s Shed aims to support men who want to improve their physical and mental health within the comfortable, familiar environment of their own shed and also help to develop their skills and sharing their knowledge with other shed members. We all have something to bring to the table. Shed members have a choice to work on their own projects, work on commissioned projects or they might just want to come in, sit down and have a cup of tea and a chat. There is no expectancy for any member to get involved in any projects. You do what you want suits you. Circle Of White Light Radio made a donation to the shed which they really appreicated as funding is very limited and they have costs to cover like electricity and insurance. In the picture is Barry receiving the cheque. Read More

February 2020 - Feed The People Homeless Charity

The winter of 2020 was not very nice and the voluntary group, Feed The Homeless, did not have the facilities to have the food undercover and away from the elements. So thanks to the people who donated to the €1 Euro appeal, Circle Of White Light Radio purchased a gazebo for the charity. This now provides cover for the volunteers and also for the homeless people when selecting their food. Read More

Current Projects

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